Valentino Donna Rosa Verde

valentino donna rosa verde

Valentino Donna Rosa Verde

Fragrance Valentino Donna Rosa Verde for Women has just been released in 2021. What does Valentino Donna Rosa Verde scent like? Well in short it’s an exotic scent spotlighted with a strong bouquet of rich, fragrant floral and oriental scents which will definitely bring a light, fresh and light fragrance to the air. This fragrance is an instant hit especially for those women who love a good strong perfume but do not want to go overboard. This one is perfect for you!

Once you spray this fragrance on you will immediately be approached by the sensuous pungent smell of patchouli, vetiver and rose. The top notes are of sweet and sexy sandalwood and musk wood. Behind this top notes there is the warm spicy smell of the hot resin. It’s this middle section that gives us the real punch. With added touches of sweet rose and the aromatic musk and sweet ambergris, the Valentino Donna Rosa Verde for Women delivers a heady blend that is sure to make any man feel like he is at the best of times.

Out of the top notes we have the sensuous rose which is followed by the delectable spicy smell of the hot resin. We then have the oriental floral of the vetiver and the woody woodsy bottom notes of the patchouli. All of these together are really quite powerful. Then we have the last section, which is the robust green rose. What could be more perfect for Valentine’s day than to walk arm in arm down the aisle smelling like love. Valentino Donna Rosa Verde for Women by Valentino Donna seems to bring together the whole concoction of flowers to create one truly sensational fragrance.

When looking for Valentine’s Day gift ideas the rose really comes to mind. A gorgeous spray or the gift of a cup of their amazing mate tea is just the start. You could even consider giving them a gift box with a dozen different varieties of bergamot or clover blossom bergamot and various other varieties. They also carry a lovely selection of gift boxes that are ideal for Valentines day. You can find these gift boxes online at florists dot com.

The bergamot fragrance is light and airy and has very little odor. It does smell very spicy though so keep that in mind if you are expecting a very powerful aroma. It does not irritate the throat, like some other scents do.

This beautiful fragrance has very nice subtle rose tones and a hint of lavender. The top notes are very aromatic, almost flowery, with the very light notes of the berries and rose hips creating an overall very nice fragrance. There is also the lighter top notes of heliotrope and freesia creating a very pleasant fragrance. The middle notes of the roses and freesia have a much more pronounced presence than the bottom notes of the roses and just make the fragrance even more interesting.

The last few minutes of this fragrance remind one of sweet musk. Very sweet and a bit spicy at the same time. If you like musk you will love this great smelling Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one. It is a perfect combination of bergamot and roses.

This is a fragrance that has so much to offer. Not only are there roses, but the smell of fresh bergamot, and the blend of rose, and musk. This is a fragrance that will make you think of romance. It’s perfect as a gift or to give as a present to anyone. It would be a dream come true to receive a bottle of this fragrance.