If you are considering a more natural wedding makeup look, there are many great ideas out there. Whether you are going for a natural look or one that is more dramatic, the key is to choose colors that are flattering to your skin tone. You may want to consider using warm colors on your eyes, and you may want to try false eyelashes for the outer corners. For blush, try a cream coral color. You can use a combination of both to achieve the look you desire.

To avoid creating a cakey look, you should start by prepping your skin. To achieve a flawless, natural-looking complexion, use a light moisturizer first. You should blot away any excess moisturizer to avoid greasiness. Afterwards, apply foundation. Use a beauty sponge to apply foundation, as it allows you to see through the makeup. The next step is to use an SPF to protect your skin.

If you are choosing a natural wedding makeup look, choose products that enhance your features and protect your skin from the sun. Light-coverage foundation and natural lip tint will help cover up any blemishes, and mascara will add a soft, romantic touch to your eyes.