Tips On How To Apply Natural Wedding Makeup For Blue Eyes

Natural Wedding Makeup For Blue Eyes


If you want to look as stunning as a beautiful blue-eyed bride, you can easily wear natural wedding makeup for blue eyes. There are several options for applying eyeshadow, but a natural option is to go for a brown liner with a metallic finish. A coppery brown liner with a soft shimmer will bring out your blue eyes. If you want to go for a smokey effect, use black shadow in the outer crease of your eye and create a winged shape. You can also use a Q-tip to polish your winged shape.


If you have blue eyes, highlighters can make your eyes look more vibrant. A light-colored highlighter will give you a natural glow but be sure to choose one that isn’t too glittery, as this will make your eyes look unnatural. Choose a neutral highlighter shade so that it will blend in with your skin tone. You can also wear a highlighter to make your eyes look more dramatic.

Color-coordinate your eyeshadow to compliment your eye color. Blush, gold, and brown are all gorgeous shades for brides with blue eyes. If your eyes are naturally blue, you can also opt for a subtle light-colored shade like gray or brown. Bronze eye shadow is also a perfect choice. You can also opt for a more traditional smokey eye, or for a more natural-glam look.

When applying natural wedding makeup, try to avoid black eyeliner and too much contouring. If you want to look stunning in the sunshine, you should wear a light shade of bronzer. Also, you can highlight your eyebrows to give your eyes a natural glow. In addition to applying eyeliner, you can use a brown mascara to give your eyelids a natural look. You can also use false eyelashes if you want a dramatic effect.

Before applying makeup, make sure your skin is moistened. Applying foundation will help to blend away redness and imperfections. Be careful not to over-apply the foundation though. A lightweight foundation or a tinted moisturizing lotion is a good choice if you don’t want to spend time applying makeup. Applying eye primer will prevent your eyeshadow from sliding into the creases. A good primer will also make your makeup last all day long.


Another option is to use a concealer if you have sun spots or age spots. This can help your blue eyes stand out. It will also cover redness and hide dark circles. Makeup artists will often use a color corrector under the eyes to cover them. They will also add a little liner to make your eyes look bigger. A light pink eyeshadow under your eyes will complement your berry-stained lip color.

If you have light-blue eyes, blue eyeshadow will make your blue eyes look more dramatic. If you don’t have dark-blue eyes, a warm brown or coral eyeshadow will enhance your blue eyes. The color of your eyeshadow should contrast with your eyes. You can also use brown eyeliner to enhance your blue eyes. Choosing the right shades is essential for making your eyes stand out and look beautiful on your wedding day.