Natural Glam Wedding Makeup – How to Achieve

Natural Glam Wedding Makeup

A natural glam wedding makeup look can be achieved in a variety of ways. Keeping a few important makeup basics in mind will ensure a flawless look on your big day. A hint of blush or eyeshadow will add some color to your face. If you have a pink dress, go for a rosy makeup theme. A glossy pink lip and blush will complement the color of your dress and keep the makeup simple and natural.


Bold red lips are a traditional beauty look that never goes out of style. Choose a lipstick color that works well with your skin tone and undertone. For the lip, use a long-lasting lipstick to maintain a perfect pout throughout the day. A bold red lip will add a pop of color to your face and is the perfect choice for a bold modern style. If you’re planning to wear your makeup outdoors, choose a shade that complements your skin tone and undertones.

Foundation is another key to natural glam. For your skin type, consider using a buildable foundation such as Clinique Chubby Stick. This foundation comes in four shades and is infused with a subtle shimmer. It will provide a beautiful base for your makeup. It is also easy to remove. Apply primer before you start your makeup to avoid smudging and fading. It’s an essential step when you’re preparing for your big day.


Eyes can be enhanced

Eyes can be enhanced by the use of a deep purple or bronze eyeshadow. It complements the color of brown eyes. You can also try a rosy blush. For the lips, you can use either a neutral or deep purple lip shade. Alternatively, you can opt for a more natural look by using a neutral brown eyeshadow. If you want to make an elegant statement, go for a rosy blush.

Lipsticks are another important part of wedding makeup. A smoky eyeshadow will look lovely on any skin tone. You can wear soft pink or bronze lip color to make your lips look stunning. For the body, use a luminous cream or body oil from Bathing Culture or Alleven London. You can also wear lipgloss to highlight your brow bones. You can even wear a simple black eyeliner to compliment your look.


A bride must make up her mind about the look she wants on her wedding day. She deserves to look her best, and shouldn’t settle for anything less. The right wedding makeup can help create a natural look that is elegant and timeless. For your big day, you should go for what you love and what makes you happy! There is no reason to settle for a dull look – you deserve the best. So, don’t settle for less than your best.