Gold Glitter Cut Crease Tutorial

Welcome back to my Channel today’s video will be a quick one this is going to be a tutorial for this Gold glitter cut crease look and I hope you guys like it the palette that I used for the tutorial is the Tarte cosmetics the rainforests of the sea vol 2 palette and i hope you like this video please don’t forget subscribe to my channel and thumbs up and let’s get started after applying the primer i used the shadow conch all over the lid and everywhere this is going to make all the other shadows blend a lot better the second shadow that I’m using is marina I’m applying it in my crease the brush that I’m using is the y 15 brush from morphe brushes using the same brush i’m applying the color seaside in my crease again and blending it out so there are no harsh lines now using the pro glitter liner from Tarte cosmetics in the color white gold and I am applying it all over my lid to make my crease darker i’m using the shade siren next I will be changing my mind and turning this look into a cut crease and you will see in a minute how I’m going to do it the liner that I’m using is the tarteist liner from tarte cosmetics and the brush that I’m using is the b12 brush from sigma beauty now as I said I changed my mind about the look and I decided to turn it into a floating cut crease so i’m using that Tarte glitter liner again and i’m making the cut crease shape now I’m applying to the color pearl at the tear duct using the e75 brush form morphe brushes i’m using the color siren and making the cut crease line darker and more defined and applying it with a tiny brush this one is the E 35 brush from Morphe and I’m just going over that cut crease line and making it darker and blending it next apply mascara and false lashes these are the house of lashes noir fairy lashes and this is the finished look I hope you liked this video please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and thumbs up and i will see you in my next one