False Lashes Tutorial For Beginners: How to Choose and Apply False Lashes for Asian Hooded Eyes

Hey guys,im going to show some tips about different false lashes for Asian hooded eyes and how to apply false lashes. let’s see the function first. I have just applied eyeshadow, then I put on natural style false lashes on one eye, the lashes create a 3D look with a better definition and volume , connecting my eyeliner with eyeshadow the brand Duo for lashes glue is highly recommended it avoids skin allergy, suitable for sensitive eyelid skin, I have tried other brands of lashes glue, this is from Japanese Daiso store, very gentle, but not sticky enough to keep lashes in place, some other strong glue I have tried are solid and long-lasting, but may cause skin allergy . Before apply them, cut the right length for the eye. bend the strip a couple of times to make it soft for our eyelid skin. We usually put glue close to the outer side of the strip, so the lashes sit on the eye like this way, look long and curly , you can see effect on this eye if we put glue close to the inside of the strip, then the lashes sit lower, like that, look less curly and shorter than they should be, you can see the effect on this eye, so you can tell the comparison from my eyes, they do look a bit different.

Some friends mentioned the glue is quite fluid, not easy to control , so you can use some thing small to apply it, like a bobby pin, wait for a few seconds to have it half dried I’ve curled my lashes, use a tweezer to put on top of my own lashes, and let the strip stay next to the lashline. There is a tip, if you see your own lashes falling down or you didn’t curl your lashes properly like that but you like it to be perfect, then you can add some eyelash glue on top of your lashes that falling down, just a tiny bit then push them up with a bobby pin to stick with false lashes, look much better now the false lashes i have just applied look quite natural, they have the tapered ends, i will put all the eyelash products links in my description box.

I have used some cheap natural look lashes, their ends are not tapered, still OK to use them, depends on your budget, you also can layer them up to have good volume lashes. There are some natural look false lashes have transparent strip, but people can see the strip and glue color on top of your lashline, so I recommend to layer up under then other false lashes with black strip Let’s see another one,artificial mink lashes, the strip is quite hard we can not only judge false lashes in this angle, that’s the angle how they look like on the eyes. This style looks like spark, false lashes with hard strip always have problem like that, the strip may not follow our lash line that close to inner corner, this style Look a bit too much for today’s eye makeup compare with the other eye, but they work well with cosmetic lenses and more eyeshadow layers in my previous video (The dolly makeup tutorial) then let’s see these really cheap lashes from Daiso store, the texture looks even and quite factory made, the stripe is hard, but with dolly or cosplay makeup, these lashes can work, obviously doesn’t match with my eye’s makeup today.

Let’s see the really long artificial mink lashes, they look fine,  just they are quite heavy, so hard to wear for long hours, i need to do more eyeshadow and eyeliner, especially on lower lashline, i need to do more eyeshadow and eyeliner, especially on lower lashline, they are too long,good for deep set eyes, really overwhelming for my eye, i need to do more eyeshadow and eyeliner, especially on lower lashline, let’s see another style, still the fake mink lashes, heavy but look real, hey are not too long too thick , they don’t look even, let’s give it go, look fine, i reckon. I will put more false flashes reviews and links in my description box. Hope you guys like this video, thank you so much for watching, see you next time xoxo.