Creating the Perfect Hooded Eye Makeup Application

hooded eye makeup

Creating the Perfect Hooded Eye Makeup Application

Hooded eye makeup has become quite popular in the past few years. This type of makeup can really add some glamour to your eyes and is also quite easy to apply. You need to be patient with this type of makeup, as it can take you some time to get used to.

The first step to apply hooded eye makeup is to make sure that you have the right eye shape. There are several different eye shapes that one might fall under and you need to determine what shape your eyes currently are before you start to apply the makeup. In order to do this you need to look at your own mirror and determine which eye shape you have. Once you determine your eye shape, you can then select a shade of that eye shape that will best match your skin tone. You should then blend the lightest color into the deepest area of your eye.

Next you want to select a light blusher color that will compliment your natural brows. You should then use a medium shade of the brow product that matches the color of your eyebrows, so that the lighter shade of the product is on the inner corners of your eyes and the darker shade of the product is applied to your brows. You should then blend these two light colors together to get a nice blended look.

After you have blended the light and dark colors together you should then line your eyebrows. To do this you should use an eyeshadow primer. The easiest way to use an eyeshadow primer is by using a liquid eyeliner that is designed to go on dry and then applying the primer to the entire lid area and then letting it dry before you begin to apply your eye makeup. Once your primer is dry, you then simply apply the color that you have chosen to your hooded eyes.

After you have lined your eyebrows you should apply a light colored eyeshadow brush. This is a small round brush that is shaped like an oval. This brush should be smudged along your crease as well as blended upward. After you have blended the brush along your crease you should then take a clean, closed eye makeup brush and place it at the bottom of your eyes, above your eyebrows. You should then tap this eyelash brush against your lower eyelashes to bring out any natural curl.

One thing that many people do not realize is that when you are applying your eyelash liner you should not begin anywhere else but directly over your crease. If you do not do this you will find that you have an unevenly lined eyelash liner on your hooded eyes. This will make your eyelashes appear thicker than they would naturally. If you are using the thinner eyelashes you can simply take a cotton swab and lightly dip it into some mascara and pull the cotton swab out past the crease. The mascara will give your eyelashes a much fuller look than if you were to use any other form of eyeliner or mascara.

You should also take special care to make sure that your lashes are completely wet before applying the mascara. You should then lightly wet your face and then use your finger to slowly wet down your waterline. Once you have applied the mascara you can tap your finger along the waterline to add some extra volume. This is an important part of creating a hooded eye look.

When you are finished applying your eye makeup you should have the ability to see clearly through both your eyes. You should not be able to see any areas of the eyelid that are not covered by your eyelids. You should have no problem applying your primer with a sponge. If you are using a primer such as the Urban Decay Primer Potion you will be able to see how the primer blends with your skin.