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Remember those times when your mom keeps reminding you to remove your makeup before going to bed? And as most women know better Makeup looks better. Give yourself plenty of time to experiment and find the perfect foundation for you.
When it comes to using pink bridal makeup there are certain areas that you want to be careful with. Continue reading to find out how to use pink bridal makeup on your wedding day effectively.

You already know the basics about makeup, we’ll skip that and jump to how one can avoid some common makeup blunders by using some simple precautionary bridal makeup tips. These wedding day makeup tips are the same tips that professionals follow when they are working their magic on the beautiful models that we see in the magazines. In case, you need help applying the makeup, read how to apply makeup. These are also ideal DIY wedding. They include all the details that can help you make yourself look fabulous.

Smokey eyes can never go out of style. A look that is ideal for night time, this makeup trend brings out the seductress in you. Your eyes are the windows to your soul, and therefore if you are going on a “manhunt”, creating shadows on your eyes will make the next testosterone laced individual drawn to you. You can create Smokey Eyes by using shades of gray and black. For more fun colors, you can also opt for dark blues, purples and even greens! False eyelashes add to the appeal as well. A great tip is to keep on practicing this technique, and once you get the hang of it, doing this makeup look will definitely give more meaning to your peepers.

Watch out for fads; in 20 years time hot pink lipstick will date your wedding photos. You want to look as classic as possible so that your photo summer makeup looks memories are timeless.

It’s the summertime and one thing is for sure: it’s hot! Since the weather has been so steamy (especially here in south Florida), I have been all about minimal makeup looks wedding. Lately I’ve just been accenting one of my features at a time– cheeks, lips or eyes. Not overdoing your makeup in the summer is important because it’s so hot outside, and there is a huge likelyhood of you having to touch up your face. So here are my three ways to acheive an easy, cute summer makeup look in 5 minutes or less!

Purple is an absolutely huge color for fall 2011 weddings, and this is even true for bridal makeup. A gorgeous look is to create a smoky eye using shades of purple instead of black. Shades of plum look great with almost any eye color. Rich purple hues will bring out the green in hazel eyes, set off baby blues, or enhance brown eyes. Keep the plummy tones above the eyes to avoid accidentally creating the look of purplish circles under the eyes. Pair it with a wine colored lipstick to complete the look. This is a beautiful color palette for an evening wedding. It would also look wonderful for a bride wearing a Jazz Age gown with vintage inspired bridal jewelry.

Take the bright sunny playful weather for all it is worth and try on a tropical colourful eye! This isn’t something I would do all the time and you can even play it down by only playing with two colours instead of 3 or 4. If you try this look out remember to blend blend blend!
Take care to use Eye shades that fit your skin tone and go well with your components, jewellery. Some brides want the makeup artist to stay during the ceremony for touchups. Just because it’s your wedding, don’t think you need to pile it all on!
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