Trend To Try – GRAPHIC LINERS | Eye Makeup Tutorial by Pallavi Symons

Hi I’m Pallavi Symons, your makeup expert with At the studio we love all things edgy so we decided to switch out the regular black eyeliner. Graphic liners are a huge trend this season and worn right they can look striking, we paired that with a vivid bright red mouth for added oomph! How to achieve this look is what I’m going to show you right now! So for this really edgy pairing of a graphic eyeliner and a red mouth obviously start with perfect skin, flawless skin which is the best way to go. Start from the inner corner of the eye. I’m going to start with the Revlon Photoready Kajal. I’m gonna draw a liner so this would be my guideline over which I go with the black so I don’t mess up the black to start with. So I’m gonna use this white pencil to draw a really nice fat thick liner across her eyelid. If you don’t happen to have a white pencil you may also use a light nude pencil something that you can see on the skin so I’m taking this right across and you can go as thick or thin as you want, I’m gonna do a fairly thick liner.

Now try and match that on the other side as well, also just remember that the skin on your eyes does tend to move so don’t try and do anything in one single stroke till you get the shape right. So once you have the liner that you want ready make the inverted V right in the center of the eye just above the eyeball, here you need to follow the slant of the eyeliner at the corner so draw a very very light slant right here which matches this make the straighter part of the V. So now when you finally fill this in with the black liner remember that this is the path that you don’t touch with the black so then you get that fully graphic black liner.

Literally filling in very very carefully with L’Oreal 24-hour Super Liner. I prefer using gel liner for looks like this because it gives you some playtime and it doesn’t dry out right away. So I’m using a fine point line up brush I think that is quite symmetrical so once you think you have it right take a q-tip and just very gently work off the white line.

Once you’re done with the liner just go in with the mascara, I’m going to use Benefits ‘They’re Real’, a load of it for some really big impact lashes. It’s okay if your eyelashes look clumpy in a look like this because it’s quite rock, quite edgy. Well for the lips I’m going to use a really bold very very bright red it’s called ‘Ruby Woo’ by MAC. I’m going to try and see if I can just sweep it in but you can use a lip liner if that makes you comfortable to draw an outline. I think that completes the look it’s not as hard as it seems just little patience and a lot of imagination and red’s a huge trend again like the eyeliner but having said that use any color you please. A matte effect looks great because it’s high-impact and the color intensity is really true and I think that should be it, so get adventurous! I hope this video was helpful, thanks for watching and until next time stay tuned stay glamrs!