Tips On Choosing Bold Lip Colors

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Tips On Choosing Bold Lip Colors

When it comes to lip colors, there are few shades that scream “bold and beautiful”. There are some however that when seen together on the arm of a model turned head. I am talking of sheer, fiery, very hot lip colors. These lip colors are called loud colors because they are often seen on models, celebrities and rock stars.

The best part about these lip colors is that they can be worn day or night. If you wear your lip color very bright, you will look like you have just put on your lips. I find that if I wear my lip color very bright, I also wear my hair color a bit darker. If I do this, I get a much co-ordinated look with my makeup.

If you are interested in wearing these lip colors, then your best bet would be to get ready for your big night on Sunday night. The best lipsticks to get ready for that night are red, shocking pink, dark blue and dark green lipsticks. These lip colors look absolutely stunning when worn on Sunday. You can make them pop out by wearing your hair long and your makeup a little more intense.

These lip colors really are meant for the club scene. If you are going to get dressed up as a woman in a club, why not do it in a bold and sexy manner. Wear your lip colors in such a way that they pop and stand out. Lipsticks that are too bold can actually take away from what you are wearing. So I always go in for moderate colors like mint and lilac when picking out lipsticks.

Now, do not feel limited to lipsticks that match your lipstick. Why not try lip colors that contrast with your lip color? One good example of this is to choose lipsticks that is very similar to your lip color but in shades that are darker. Lipsticks that have an intense warm tone can be worn against a cool skin tone while lipsticks that are cooler tone can be worn against a warm skin tone. This is something that some people would call “a warm shoe”.

It is very important for women to make sure that their lip colors are compatible. If you pick lip colors that are too bold, your lip color may end up ruining your whole look. On the other hand, if you choose lip colors that are too neutral, then your lip color will not stay on your lips for long. There are many shades of browns and shades of reds that are considered to be hot. For example, chocolate brown is considered to be a very sexy lip color while rosy red is considered to be a very bold lip color.

The key to wearing your lip colors correctly is to take your outfit, your coloring and your own personal preference into consideration. If you are the type who likes to match everything together, then going bold with your lip colors may be a good idea. However, if you want to add some contrast to your makeup then you should go with some neutral shades. Your lipstick should highlight your facial features and compliment your skin tone and your eye shade. For the best results, choose lip colors that will enhance your natural beauty.

Remember that when choosing lip colors you should choose them based on your own preference and not on the opinion of someone else. You will be the one wearing them, so you get to make the final decision. It is important to remember that a lip color that is too bold will stand out and will cause attention to your eyes and face. On the other hand, a lip color that is too neutral will blend into your skin and will not make any statement about you. When it comes to colors it is all about individual taste and style.