Tips For Applying Smokey Eye Makeup

Eye makeup is important when you want to look your best for any special occasion. Smokey eye makeup can really help you stand out and look gorgeous! It can really dress up any outfit and it is easy to do. You do not have to spend hours in the makeup aisle at the local department store. Here are some easy steps that will help you make a stunning impression on anyone that sees your eye makeup.

eye makeup smokey

You want to apply your eye shadow in layers. This way it will last all day. The bottom line is to make your eye shadow last all day. Some people skip applying eye shadow and just put Vaseline on their eyes. This is not a good idea because Vaseline will get smudged and wear away quickly.

Next you will want to start off with a highlighter. This will really help to add some color to your smokey eye. You want a light colored product that has a little bit of glitter in it. If you choose an eye shadow with glitter, this can really make it stand out.

You then need to take some white eye shadow and apply it to your upper lid area. Make sure that you line it up perfectly. Then you will want to take some blue eyes shadow and apply it along the lower lash line. This is also going to make your eye look great! Be sure to blend well.

Another thing you need to remember is to apply the eye shadow evenly. Use your ring finger to apply it to the eye. Make sure you do not put too much or else it will be too obvious. You can apply it with a circular motion. Then take your pink eye shadow and apply it along the same lines.

Smokey eye makeup will really pop if you use black eye shadow. You can either apply it with a brush or your finger. This can really make your eye pop. You need to take a cotton swab and use it like a brush to apply it to your eye. Be careful not to put too much on the eye otherwise it will look like you have glitter in your eyes.

Another great tip for a smokey eye is to apply eye liner to the area around the eye. You can either use a liner brush or your finger. This will really bring out the look. You can even go a couple of shades darker to get a really dramatic look! Your eye makeup will come out looking so much better than it did before.

That is all there is to applying smokey eye makeup! Try these tips today to give yourself that gorgeous look for every guy wants. Don’t forget to clean your face before you start. It is important to get rid of all the dust and dirt that can possibly cause eye makeup to not look so good.

There are many different types of eye makeup on the market. You can choose from a gel, cream, pencils and even powder. When choosing your smokey eye makeup, you need to know what your skin tone is. Make sure you choose colors that will compliment your skin.

Most people have to be concerned with how they look at the beginning of the year. They want to look their best for the holidays and to catch the attention of the special people in their lives. However, most people don’t really care how they look but only focus on the way they feel. I know that for me I was concerned with my smokey eye look. I felt that if I did not do anything about it then everyone would see me as unattractive.

Luckily for me I found a great solution. I did some research online and found that eye shadow is very popular right now. I was able to find eye makeup that was neutral enough to look good with most skin tones. It also has the ability to lengthen the appearance of your eyes. The other thing that you want to do is to apply the eye makeup with a clean brush. This will help you avoid any streaks or smudges.

After you have applied your eye makeup and cleaned your face up, you are ready for the finishing touch. You want to apply shimmer to your smokey eye. This will help you add the final touch to your look. You will look gorgeous and attractive with your smokey eye makeup.