Summer Makeup Looks

This summer, makeup artists are focusing on creating a glow-in-the-dark effect to compliment your more glamorous Summer Makeup Look. Glow in the dark shadow and lip colors are perfect for any event or occasion to add that special touch. Whether you want a subtle glow or a luminous glow, the lip color and the shadow will both work to highlight your beautiful complexion. This is a look that will work to highlight your best assets and hide those imperfections you wish to disguise.

To complete your glowing summer makeup looks, apply a medium to highlighter to the top half of your face. To create a thicker line along the lower lash line, use a darker shade of eye pencil. Next, apply the shimmery dark color at the outer edges of your lids. To add depth to your look, blend some shimmery blushes along the lash line. Finish with a couple layers of the brightest color on the lid and blend outward. To complete your look, fill in any gaps with darker shadow.

One of the trends for this summer is highlighting your eyes. Using a shimmery eyes shadow and a pencil or eyeliner will draw attention to your eyes, which will then help to accentuate your cheekbones and your smile. To create a bold color for your eyes, use a dark gray, brown or black shadow and apply it sparingly to your upper lid and out to the brow bone.

Some of the more dramatic summer makeup looks include using intense shades of eye shadow and a few dark shades of liner. To create a smoky look, pair black with charcoal eyeshadow and liners. When applying eye makeup, use an eye pencil to create an even application by starting at the lash line and drawing the eye shadow up and out. When selecting colors for your liner, choose a color that will blend well with your skin tone. Bold colors like red will stand out on those with a warm tone while cooler colors like browns and greens will look beautiful with people with a cool tone.

Glitter is an essential part of many of the latest trends and this season offers you a number of ways to add glitter to your already stunning summer makeup looks. For a fun look, apply shimmer to your eyelids with a shimmery eye pencil. To complete the look, add a little bling to your lips by lining the insides of your mouth with a glittery lip gloss. This can be paired with metallic or platinum lipstick to create a glamorous look.

As if glitz wasn’t enough to finish off your summer makeup looks, you will also want to add some pop of color to your facial makeover. To achieve this look, choose a light shade of blush to lightly spruce up your face. You can even create a dramatic look by choosing a deep red blush for a dramatic look. Finish your look off with a bronzer applied over your cheeks and nose.

The new hottest beauty trends this season are highlighting your brows. Instead of trying to hide your forehead with makeup, try highlighting it with an eyebrow pencil. This can even work in the opposite direction to hide your eyebrows. You can also use a liquid eyeliner to bring out the eyebrows or use a brow brush to draw your brows perfectly.

The new lip colors this summer are a great way to add a hint of glamour to your lips without looking overdone. This summer, nude, rose-colored and gold-tones lip liners are quite popular. If you have slightly frosted or tanned lips, this look will instantly brighten your lips. Bold lip lines can instantly make your lips look defined and sexy. For more on lip care beauty products, check out our sister site below.