Perfect Makeup For Your Wedding

If you are in doubt, it is ideal to talk to a makeup artist at a local salon or beauty counter. Has anything Estee Lauder produced for us let us down? I found some great products that can even be used as stocking stuffers.

There were many styles and smiles on the Oscars red carpet this year. From the brightest smiles to the latest fashions. From our televisions sets we saw it all. Recently I caught up with Jeannie Mai host of “How do I look” on The Style network for an interview, and she shared with me a few of her beauty favorites from the Oscars this year.

Surprisingly, many women shy away from using concealers because they don’t know how to use them, or even why to use them. The big mystery to using a good concealer is to get the right for skin tone, and blend it in as much as possible. I generally get a lighter color for winter months, and a darker shade for summer when my face is more tanned. You want your makeup to blend in with your own beautiful features, and the same rule applies to your concealer.

Once the teeth whitening has been done, do not drink anything other than clear liquids for a minimum of three days. During this time, your teeth are more sensitive to absorbing all different lip colors for skin tone, which can include fruits and dark liquids.

Clothing is just like your nails and lipstick; wear bolder colors that distinguish your skin tone. Reds and corals are always safe bets; avoid white, beige, and yellow.

For a more dramatic look, play up the glitz of your outfit with sparkly shoes. The more authentic the metallic lipstick lip colors color the more your matching accessories will stand out. Be careful not to overdo the sparkle, though, as extremely metallic shoes can be distracting, and sometimes tacky.

If brown, red or soft orange tones look good on you, you have warm undertones. If blue, white, and most primary colors are better, your undertones are in the cool spectrum. Knowing this will help you more easily find a foundation.

Well first off I give a round of applause to the hard working stylists who put so much time and effort into every detail! It is the work of the stylists that a winning ensemble can really then take all the credit. With that said I think the team that put together Halle Berry’s look in that stunning Studio 53 art deco dress stole the night.
They use this in order to enhance their lipstick Lip colors and make it look sexier. When applying lipstick on black women, colors are important to choose. Inspiration for shoe styles can be found everywhere.
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