How To Apply Natural Wedding Makeup For Light Brown Skin

Natural Wedding Makeup For Light Brown Skin

If you have light brown skin, there are a few tips to natural wedding makeup. First, moisturize your skin frequently. You should start your beauty routine at least a few weeks before your wedding day, even if you’re planning on using makeup on the big day. If your skin is dry, applying foundation will be impossible, and you’ll ruin your natural look. The key is to moisturize your skin consistently for a few weeks leading up to your wedding.


Apply lip gloss or balm in a complementary shade of brown to make your lips look more vibrant. For a more natural look, try brown mascara instead of black. Also, try Dior’s eyebrow mascara, which features a brush that enhances your lashes. Lastly, use mascara or a brow gel to make your eyebrows look more defined. This way, your eyes will look bigger than ever.

The next step in the natural wedding makeup for light brown skin is to apply eyeshadow and eyeliner. If you normally don’t wear makeup, you can use a tinted moisturizer instead. A CC cream is also a good option – it feels light on your skin, and will give your makeup a ‘your skin, but better’ look. You can complete your look with a sheer lip balm and brow gel.

If your wedding is in the summer, you’ll want to avoid wearing too much makeup. A good sunscreen is recommended, as well. Depending on whether your wedding is outdoors or indoors, you may need to use a different moisturizer for your face. It will keep your face from looking dry and ashy. Besides, a moisturizer will smooth your skin so you can apply makeup easily.


It can be intimidating to apply your own makeup

It can be intimidating to apply your own makeup, so you might want to find a professional to help you. However, if you’re used to wearing makeup, you might want to practice on yourself before you go to the big day. Remember that your wedding day is an important day, so you want to look as stunning as you can. Makeup artists specialize in wedding makeup and can help you achieve a look you’ll love.

Blush is a tricky part of the makeup process. Applying blush the wrong way can take you from natural flushed to clown red. You should use a cream or liquid blush to minimize any redness. Use a cream blush to be more natural, and apply it with clean hands. Don’t forget to use a blotting sheet for any excess. Highlight one or two features and keep the rest of your face makeup subtle.


If you have fair skin, airbrush foundation is a great option. It provides light coverage and won’t feel like a mask. Stick with traditional foundation if you want extra coverage, because airbrush foundation can smudge with too much perspiration or an accidental rub. The most important step is choosing the right foundation shade. Using the right product for your skin tone will make the process of applying your wedding makeup easier.