Metallic Green Smokey Eye Makeup Look

Well, we all know that there are some serious nights of crazy clubbing yet to come. Fashion has borrowed heavily from this inspirational look over the years and today at Glamrs, I’m just going to show you how to do the deep brooding eyes with a dark seductive mouth of a cabaret star and bring you on Arshiya a pop bronzed goddess. Well, as always, I’m going to start on prepped eyelids. I’m going to use a little bit of powder just right there, to catch the excess fall of shadow. Now, to get started, I’m going to use as a base a gel liner called Dipdown. It’s a deep brown; Quite generously all the way upto the brow bone. Very quickly before it looses it’s playtime, I’m going to blend with a blending brush.

Try not to blend off the product, you only want to go in where the corners are slightly ragged. Make sure you blend in round movements. But just before I pack on the pigment, I want to do the bottom as well. I want a really rough line on the bottom. I’m going to blend with a blending brush, so you get kind of a rounded shape. Make sure you soften the corners so you don’t want to see any lines. Now I’m going to top up with the fun part. I’m going to use a very heavily pigmented loose eyeshadow by Inglot’s AMC. It’s a gorgeous colour. There’s a deep deep burgundy in it with hints of blue. Just repeat on the other side. Now once you’re done doing that, take a bit of your dusting powder and simply dust off the excess.

Using a rounded blending brush, just blend off the upper line of pigment. You don’t want to use the brush on this area because you don’t want to pick the pigment off. Just work it gently over the crease. Now, no flapper girl glam is complete without a whole lot of kohl. I’m using Lakme’s Absolute Kohl in jet black. The messier it is, the better. So go in nice and deep. Take a blending brush again and simply smudge it along with the brown, so you don’t see any kind of demarcation between the kohl itself and the skin below. Now, I’m going to finish off with Clinique’s High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara. So give the top side of your lashes a gentle coat, just to take away any of the pigment that might be stuck in there. I’m going to use M.A.C’s Dark Mineralize Bronzing Powder.

So you’re going to go sharp on the cheekbones. Lift them up . Give your cheeks a nice hollow. And now, I’m going to use Makeup Forever’s All Over Shine, just to give the cheekbones a lift. Just pick up the light as it naturally falls on the skin. Just work it slightly into your temple but not all over. Dab on the bit of the bronzer again, so you even out the lines. Just going to repeat on the other side. With one of your favourite compacts or even just a loose powder, cleanup around the eye. Cleanup right here, around the mouth. Now, for the lips. Well to finish off with a deep berry lip, I’m going to use Makeup Forever’s pencil in 12C.

With a very steady hand, I’m going to draw in the lip. Just work the lip pencil slightly in. This is only to create a base for your lipstick, which is yet to come. Just work the colour in, to the centre of the lip as well. I’m going to use a Faces lipstick in a deep garnett. It’s called Go Garnett. And that’s how I’m going to finish this look. Just make sure you don’t get any of this colour outside of the lines that you’ve drawn. Well this is a one of a kind look, so if you have the guts to do it and the instinct, you should really give it a shot..