Makeup Trends: Matching Bright Cheeks And Lips

Where was the cliff hanger that left us wanting more? I put on my lip balm in the morning and my lips stayed well moisturized and gorgeous for most of the day. It is very chic and it is something new you can try just to look different.
Eye shadow must last the whole day, and make you look good. There are a lot of makers who have been able to successfully develop the best eyeshadow formula, which will last for the entire day.

Harsh Lines. Although you can still get away featuring harsh lines around some boys, if men can see a visible distinction between where your foundation ends and your neck begins, looking au naturel can be hard to pull off. The same goes for applying unblended blushes, bronzers, powders, etc. Solution: Blend, blend, blend. Apply product with a light touch and check for lines before calling it quits.

Next, for your lips, apply a light pink lips gloss. Remember, you don’t want a heavy look, so a nice pink lipstick or lip gloss will add a nice touch to your fairy makeup.

The above makeup tips provide you the best makeup ideas for smokey eye makeup. You can use darker shades for the night parties and lighter shades for the day makeup. Smokey eyes will certainly boost up your beauty and make you the center of attraction.

To wear the bright cheeks and lips make-up trend successfully it is essential that the color used for both cheeks and lips comes from the same color family. You can do coral lips and coral cheeks or and pink cheeks. If you want to achieve the look that Kristen Bell sported in Star Magazine choose to wear peach blush with orange-red stained lips.

MAC Eyeshadow – it includes many shades that you are able to locate fairly easily two corresponding colors, one light, one dark, to acheive that perfect blend to obtain a smokey eye pink lips look.

The color pink is created by softening the color red with white. If the original shade of red was a blue-based red, adding white to it produces a very cool-toned shade of pink. If the red was more in the red-orange family we end up with shades of peach-pink.

Cat eye oversized sunglasses – you must complete your look with a great pair of sunnies. One of my favorite pairs this season is a cat eyed oversized tortoise pair of Ray Bans that can be worn with a scarf over your head, crew neck long sleeve tee, Capri pants, and ballerina flats ala Jackie O. Get the Ray Ban oversized cat eyed sunglasses for $129.
The shorts for this Lara Croft Tomb Raider costume should be short. Smoky browns and grays work well and multi-colored eyes can work well, too. Use a soft, neutral shadow on your eyes and line your inner rims with a bright, pastel color.
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