Makeup Guide: How To Wear Hot Pink Lipstick And Hot Pink Blush

As a Kit Kittredge costume accessory, she could carry around a toy typewriter, vintage-looking skates, or simply a notepad. Variety of makeup tips are developed for matching various moods and occasions.
The time has come. The wedding of your dreams is coming together, and you have had to make so many decisions that you are simply stumped when it comes to your wedding day makeup look. Should you choose to go the safe route with traditional makeup? Maybe you should consider a modern look with a smokey eye? Should you choose neutrals or colors? Oh the decisions!

I suggest to leave the plastics at home and bring cash only. In fact, I found out that when I bring my cards along with me, it gives me access to more spending money. For example, I went to Walmart to buy a pack of diapers, but I ended with new Halloween eye shadow, a pink lips gloss, and a new pair of Mary Jane shoes. Had I left my cards at home, I wouldn’t have the means to buy other things.

Hazel or green eyes – Brown, gold, and burnt orange with dark brown or black is an excellent choice for Smokey effect. To attain a funky look, make use of bright colors like yellow, purple, lime green or orange. To open the eyes, apply a shade of creamy orange or creamy gold.

And along with the matte makeup I’m seeing another trend I love, which is bold, bright lips. Magazines are playing up raspberry pinks, hot fuschias and crimson pouts. I’m personally not a fan of but I’ll take the reds, thank you very much. My favorites are the Revlon matte lipsticks in In the Red and Really Red. One’s a bit closer to a burgundy hue, but not that far into goth territory, and the other is a rich red. I love the color, and I think that some women have a fear of red lipstick, that it’s too intense or it’s too high maintenance, but done right and the color chosen right, it does wonders. A girl’s face can brighten up like you wouldn’t believe. I’ll follow the Gwen Stefani’s in this trend and leave the lip glosses to anyone else who wants them!

MAC Eyeshadow – it includes many shades that you are able to locate fairly easily two corresponding colors, one light, one dark, to acheive that perfect blend to obtain a smokey eye pink lips look.

Keep yourself away from the tobacco and alcohol. This darkens the sensitive skin in your lips. A part from discoloration, this also dehydrates your lips. This finally results in cracked and dry lips.

Coloured Eye Liners – Spring new life into your makeup with electric coloured eyeliner that makes your eyes POP! It is important to enhance your natural eyes with the right coloured eyeliner. I suggest bright purple liner for brown eyes, taupe and deep green for green eyes and electric blue for blue eyes. Pick a corresponding eye shadow for the outer rim of the eye to soften and give you a monochrome effect. A flawless face best suits this look so use a good quality foundation (My favourite is Napoleon) and a neutral lip.
It’s a great look for Fall, and jewel toned hues generally make your eyes pop. Try using a soft natural bristle brush for more even application. Or. maybe you have another skin-care tradition to add to this regimen?
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