Make It Hot: Makeup Tips For Hot Pink Lips And Cheeks

You can also use sponge-tip applicator, smudge brush or a q-tip directly over the penciled area and smudge. Do you have an extra I can borrow?” I smile and hand a pen over, careful so Mr. This is the Jersey magazine where nothing is off limits.
It seems like you can’t go anywhere in the world today without coming across Miley Cyrus and her alter ego Hannah Montana. These two are the hottest thing going right now and that includes those dressing up in the costumes for Halloween. In fact Halloween stores stock some ready made Hannah Montana costumes, but you can also create your own version at home.

It is vital to stay your lips hydrous and moisturized in any respect times. Dry and unsmooth lips look shabby and unkempt. Once you are a unit going out throughout the day, it’s essential to use some sun protection or jelly on your lips. If you inside then use some cocoa butter that is a good natural remedy for obtaining

The look of mod is big. Think 1960’s with smokey eyes, pink lips, a white mohair sweater and a pair of leggings with a pair of black riding boots. Bridgette Bardot epitomized the smoldering siren look and this fall soft feminine fluffy sweaters are back. Recently Kristen Stewart wore a white mohair and wool sweater from Max Mara on the cover of W Magazine paying tribute to that look. For the fall season, wear the look with black bootcut Capri jeans with a pair of wedge platform pumps. Michael by Michael Kors made a white deep cowl neck sweater this season that can also be worn off the shoulder too to create that whole mod look for $120.

Feel like playing up your glasses a bit? If you have tinted lenses, you’re going to need something on the bronze side to make your cheeks pop! A bronzer works perfectly but don’t forget to highlight on the top of your cheekbones. Don’t leave your lips bare! Put a little color on those pouty lips of yours – try berry or pink lips gloss with a high concentration of color for a little pop!

Wet your Brush. A slightly wet eye shadow brush is the secret to this look being successful. Lightly dip your brush into cool water and then dab off excess water. Next, dab your brush in the lightest of the eye shadow shades that you have chosen. Swab the bottom part of the eyelid (near the top of your lashes) with the color. Now with the second color (or final color), dab the slightly wet brush into the shade and swab on your eyelid, moving further toward the brow line with each color to create a sweeping, multi-faceted smokey eye pink lips. Try using a soft natural bristle brush for more even application.

To make the presentation of the eggs more fun, I suggest you set up a good old Easter Egg Hunt. I like to fill plastic eggs with wrapped candy and some with money, mostly change but also a few one dollar bills or 5 dollar bills! The kids love to find the money. I think they enjoy that more than the candy sometimes.

Jonny did call me, and I did call him back, and we did date. When you’re a rock star, you have enough people surrounding you that try to protect you from the riff-raff. I wasn’t riff-raff. I was a pretty girl with a sensual side that somehow managed to catch Jonny’s interest, so I was worth checking out.

Coloured Eye Liners – Spring new life into your makeup with electric coloured eyeliner that makes your eyes POP! It is important to enhance your natural eyes with the right coloured eyeliner. I suggest bright purple liner for brown eyes, taupe and deep green for green eyes and electric blue for blue eyes. Pick a corresponding eye shadow for the outer rim of the eye to soften and give you a monochrome effect. A flawless face best suits this look so use a good quality foundation (My favourite is Napoleon) and a neutral lip.
Using an eyeshadow brush, blend in color from your lash line. Additionally, your skin should be flawless and perfectly powdered – no shine! I look at the cheeks and lips to get an idea of pink or peach.
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