Ideas That Will Make You Look Like A Star

Wear gold, copper or silver colors to make your skin look richer. One of the best eye makeup step by step for restoring definition is eye liner. So, apply the base first before putting on the darker color on half of your eyelid.
Ever since Queen Nefertiti first lined her eyes with black coal, women have been using makeup to emphasize the beauty of their eyes. If you are looking for eye makeup tips or eye makeup ideas for a dramatic eye make up look for an evening out, or simply some free eye makeup tips to put on your “morning face”, you can start out by learning basic eye makeup application.

Well, that’s the smokey eye effect! Have a look at yourself and get set to turn all those eyes towards you. I must mention that you need to wear soft face makeup to rightly finish the look. Soft makeup will perfectly highlight your sizzling smokey eye makeup step by step.

Eye liner. It can be used for good, but in the wrong hands, it can also be used for great evil. Have you seen Pete Wentz of the Fallout Boys? I have never smeared eye liner all around my eyes in a thick line. I use a brown shade to avoid overkill, lining the bottom of my eyes and applying it slightly more heavily at the edges and running it very, very slightly past the edge of my eye. Then I do a thin line immediately above my lashes. Then use your finger or a foam applicator to blend. This highlights your eyes and brings the attention to them, regardless of their size. Hint: try applying your eyeliner in a slightly thick line in the crease at the top of your eye, blending any smudges. This will automatically make your eyes look larger.

1960s eyes. The of thid decade was characterized by full but arched brows, fully-painted lids, and heavy eyeliner and mascara on the upper lashes. The look was over-the-top, and evokes images of go-go dancers and the mod fashion movement popular in London in the early 60s. Think Julie Newmar as Catwoman, or Twiggy strutting on the catwalk. In order to replicate this look, use only one color on the lid, preferable green or blue-green, and apply it heavily so that it covers the entire lid and the area right below the brows. Eyebrows should be heavy, but gracefully arched, and the brows should be enhanced with a brown pencil or brow powder. Use black liquid eyeliner and Maybelline mascara to complete the look.

Applying geisha makeup isn’t terribly difficult, but it does take a bit of practice. Before you touch any hooded eye makeup to your face, you need to clean your face, dry your face and apply a face moisturizer. The moisturizer will help protect your skin from the makeup that geishas put on their face. This makeup can dry out your face. A moisturizer prevents some of this.

These days the word ‘party’ is at the tip of everybody’s tongue and at such a time and age a woman needs to have something to make head turn. Talking of fashion clothing for women, a classic little black dress without a doubt is one the most fashionable item of clothing for a woman. All you have to remember is that a dress already exhibits a bit of your body, do not attempt to over-do the skin show, it really looks horrible. Do not forget to get yourself a dress.

To overhaul your beauty routine or use new ways to feel and look better, use the tips in this article. Remember these useful pointers the next time you find yourself in need of a makeover, no matter how major or minor.
This means that organizing kids’ parties is no easy feat-but that does not mean you have to see them as impossible. Other than the blend well saying, the other one is to carefully choose your eye shadow.
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