Get Soft Pink Lips in 1 Day at home naturally / DIY Lip Stain / 100% Working / RABIA SKIN CARE

Pink lips! pink lips! pink lips every body wants to have pink lips and it is very easy to have pink lips today the remedy which i will be telling u’ll u can make ur lips red like rose so welcome to my channel friends my name is rabia and today we will be seeing a small treatment on rossy pink lips but moving forward, if u haven’t subscribe to my channel then plz do it for my all upcoming latest videos so lets start!! for making pink lips there are two methods which are very easy and compulsory also 1> exfoliation….2> moisturization for exfoliation u want toothbrush (old/new)..see that the bristles are soft then 1tbsp honey u can use Vaseline also instead of honey but i prefer honey because u can get rid of it easily from brush now take some honey on tooth brush or else u can spread it on lips also then with toothbrush scrub in circular motion doing this, it will remove all the dead skin from lips and ur lips will become smooth and soft by doing exfoliation with toothbrush it has some advantage that is it will increase sensation on lips this means blood circulation has increased in lips with this ur lips becomes plump u can do this daily directly after having ur tooth brush with the same brush u can rub for few seconds doing this daily, in few days lips will become pink Sorry!!! My bad..its not 1-2 minutes…just few seconds are enough..

Doing for 2 to 3 times in a week Extremely Sorry!! 8 – 10 mins exfoliation is for face..for lips exfoliate gently only for 2 – 3 minutes max… after exfoliation gently wipe with tissue paper after exfoliation u will see that it becomes soft smooth and pink now second step 2… moisturization for this u can use lip balm, Vaseline, coconut oil, olive oil, ghee u can use but if u want good results the in night u can use lip stain because the coloring agent used in lip stain is easily absorbed by the lips for this u can use 1/2 beetrooth 1/2 tbs corn starch 1/2 tbs glycerine 1/ tbsp coconut oil and 1 capsule of vitamin E for making this first take out the covering of beetroot and grate it then with help of strainer take out juice then heat it on low flame by doing this the color will become more dark and it will be easily absorbed by the lips if depends how much dark color u want !!! then add 1/2 tbs corn starch this will make the lip stain thick so that it can be easily spread on lips after putting corn starch heat for few seconds so that it becomes thick then remove from flame….then add 1/2 tbs glycerin 1/4 tbsp coconut oil 1/2 vitamin E capsule if u don’t want to put coconut oil put then put whole capsule then mix well and store in container then refrigerate for 30 minutes for making it like lip balm instead of corn starch use vaseline then ur lip stain is ready!! now its time to apply u can apply it in any time u want normally i apply it in night u can also do that in the morning u will see the stain and this stain will last for few hours and if u will be reapplying it for some days the stain will become permanent and ur lips will become of stain color so friends if u liked this video so plz share and subscribe to my channel for all latest videos BYE BYE!! TAKE CARE