Follow The Steps To Create This Eye Makeover

There are several eye makeup tips or tutorial available here. For workdays, women can wear different work attires to lend their professional and yet charm to the onlookers. In addition, women also want to select an appropriate eye makeup to complement the look they are trying to achieve. A proper eye makeup can be quite tricky and requires time and practice before applying it right. Here are some simple ideas that could help you get started in the right way.

eye makeup ideas

The basic thing that you should know is that eye makeup ideas are very individualized. Some women find eye shadow to be more challenging than the rest of their skin care makeup. However, this is simply because there are specific steps involved when applying eyeshadow. A woman’s eye color, skin tone, the amount of light and shading and the type of clothing she wears all contribute to the complexity of applying eye makeup. If you have tried to apply eye makeup before but were not successful, these simple eye makeup tips may be able to help you get the right look.

To start with, you can try using a single light colored eye makeup brush for the purpose of creating eye shadow. To apply deep shadows, you need to use two contrasting light colored brushes. Start applying the eye makeup by lining the lower half of your eye with a light colored brush. The trick is to blend the shadow on the lower lash line to create a more natural look. You can also use a highlighter along the lash line for a dramatic effect.

Next, you can use a brown eye shadow at the outer edge to create a smoky look. Another simple eye makeup idea is to apply slightly darker brown shadow at the outer edge of the eye to enhance your cheekbones. This can be easily achieved by drawing a line down the middle of the forehead about half way to the eyelashes. You can accentuate your cheekbones further by applying concealer on the area around the eyes. A black concealer will make your outline areas stand out even more.

The key to creating an appealing look is selecting the right colors and applying them correctly. In case you are trying to create a more natural look, then the shades you choose should be in the mid-tone shades. When it comes to eye makeup for the brow, it is advisable to pick the lightest shade that matches your skin tone. To get a dramatic effect, you can use mid-tone shades along the hair line, above the eyebrows as well as along the lashes. For skin tone that is pale and yellow, you can opt for the olive and ivory shades.

To give yourself an amazing look, you can try out eye makeup looks that incorporate false eyelashes. You need to have at least two false eyelashes on the upper set if you are looking for a really dramatic effect. If you don’t want to have any visible fake eyelashes on your eyes, you can go for sheer or translucent ones. Blocking your eyes completely with the help of eye shadow also helps in creating eye makeup looks that look natural. You can use either cream or powder eye shadow to enhance your looks.

You can draw on eye makeup using your pencil and carry out eye makeup looks like those done by Hollywood stars. To give yourself the impression of long gorgeous lashes, wear false eyelashes that extend up towards your forehead. This is a great idea if you are attending a party along with your friends without wearing any mascara. Apart from using a black eye pencil, you can also draw on eyelashes. Make sure that the color you choose goes well with your skin tone.

Eye lining is the final step in eye makeup tips. If you have eyeliner and a full lashes, you can create the appearance of a lower lid or a wider lower eyelid. To apply eyeliner, you can draw it on the upper lash line. But, before you draw it, make sure that your eyelashes are tanned and long. To learn more, follow the steps to create this amazing eye makeovers.