Eyeshadow For Green Eyes

If you have green eyes and are able to wear green eye makeup, you’re lucky enough to have it really complement your eye color and work well with your skin tone. Most green-eyed people naturally have a variety of darker varying shades and tones in their eyes that simply aren’t washed out or overpowered when worn with sheer green eye makeup. You want to find some colors that complement your green eye so that the eye shadow doesn’t make your eyes look too dark or garish. Here are a few eye colors that would work really well with the natural beauty of your green eyed skin.

green eye makeup

Very pale green eyes can look gorgeous when they’re highlighted with a soft shade of blue or a soft shimmery gold. Try a nice nude shimmer for softer more subtle coverage that won’t over power your green eye makeup. Try a brown shimmer if you want something that is a bit richer and fuller. Green eyes look great when the shadow is almost black but the highlight is soft pink or soft peach. Try using eyeshadow with a bit of shine for an extra emphasis.

Your green eye makeup will look best when your eyeliner and mascara match each other. Try an eyes liner with a slightly darker base shade as the liner will start to blend into your skin tone more and will look more natural. To keep eyes pop up, use a bit of shimmery eye shadow. Any shimmery eye shadow will do. Try a light green shade as the base shade and apply a moderately dark shade as the eyeliner brush.

Another great eye makeup trend for green eye makeup is to use smoky eye shadow as a highlight. Smoky eye shadow is just like it sounds. It’s made up of black shadow with gray or brownish accents. Use a small eye shadow brush to apply the smoky eye shadow to your lower eyelid and middle lashes very lightly.

Lashes can get tricky when it comes to green eye makeup, especially if you’re trying to get a thicker look with your mascara. To get the thick lashes, use a small eye pencil to draw on the lines in between your lashes using an angled brush. Then use a small lip pencil to fill in any gaps left by the pencil. Apply the lip pencil to your upper lashes and blend the color in very gently. You can use a bit of hairspray to keep the liner wet.

For last but not least, one easy step to a gorgeous natural beauty is to pick out a soft plush natural hair shade. Pick a light pashmina style hair color that blends in with your natural skin tone. This shade looks best when the roots are lighter than the middle shade. Once you’ve picked out your shade, apply a flesh toned matte lipstick to your lower lashes and insert a tiny bit of false eyelashes to bring out the color even more. Voila!You are now complete with stunning green eye makeup!

If you want to make the most of your green eyes, then use two to three different colors for accent colors. One of the easiest ways to layer these colors is to simply take two different light shades that compliment each other, such as light beige and pale pink, and apply them to your eyelids as either a shaded highlight or as a glittery shimmer. You can also layer green shadows together using pale mauve shades as a shimmery highlight or to blend in the color with another shade. Another great way to layer green eyeshadow is to apply a neutral shade over the green and create a shimmery effect. For instance, if you have a brown base, apply a bronze shimmer to the area behind the green eyes using a brown eye’s shadow and then blend in the bronze into the brown using a tiny bit of gold powder.

Green makeup is ideal for those days when you just need a little extra help to achieve a gorgeous look. Since green eyeshadow is fairly easy to apply, you can do this yourself from the comfort of your own home, so there is no need to pay an expensive professional to do it for you! All you need is a good makeup sponge, a few eyeshadow colors that you like and some light blue foundation. Simply line your eyes with the blue and fill them in with your chosen shade. If desired, you can even go a step further and put on some false eyelashes to really draw attention to your eyes.