Easy Steps to Help You Apply Eye Makeup For Beginners

Are you planning to try eye makeup for beginners? You can start with one eye. If you have chosen to use your entire eye makeup together, you should put the lighter color on the inner corners. The other colors can be used on the outer and the middle of your eyes. To make the blend look more natural, you should use eyeshadow along the lash line. It is better if you use translucent powder.

eye makeup for beginners

Here are some tips to apply eye makeup for beginners. First of all, you need to use an eye pencil. Draw a thin line inside your crease at the outer edges of your eye. This creates the puppy eye look.

You should apply eyeliner, and then mascara. Beginners often fail to do both steps. Start the process by applying eyeliner in a thin line. This gives a beautiful effect. For the mascara application, you should pull out your mascara tube and tap the base of your eyeliner to create a proper lash primer.

Next, you should tap the outer edge of your eye makeup. When it becomes blended, you should tap the rest of the eye makeup in the same manner. Once you have applied all your eye makeup, you should use a darkly colored eye shadow at the outer third of your eyelid. You should not apply it on the crease because this will make your eyelashes look heavy. Instead, you should apply the shade in the middle of the lower lid.

Eyebrow lining is very important when you want to do something special for your beginners. You can either do an outline or create an oval with your eyebrows. For the easiest smokey eye makeup for beginners, you should apply your eye makeup from the outside towards the inside. In order to get a smudged effect, you should tap your brush against your pointer finger. This will create definition.

For the Smokey Eye makeup for beginners, you should first outline the area that you wish to create a smokey eye. After this, you should fill in the area with a darker shade of eye shadow. Then, you should apply a second darker shade in the outer corner. The third shade should be a light grayish brown color. For your eyelids, you should use pencil. You should start at the innermost part of your eye and go outwards.

One of the easiest way for beginners to do the Smokey eye makeup looks is to follow the steps mentioned above. However, you should add a little touch of glamour by using a glitter eyeliner. Another great option for beginners is to apply eye makeup looks with a sponge rather than a brush. When doing so, you will create a much smoother surface. By using a sponge, you will be able to apply makeup that won’t smear. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about applying the makeup on wet eyelashes that will appear choppy.

Beginners to the makeup should invest in basic eyeshadow brushes such as the basic eyeshadow brush. These basic brushes are widely available in any cosmetic store. However, if you want to save money, you can buy cheap makeup brushes from online cosmetic stores. Basic brushes like the basic eyeshadow brush will give you a wide range of choices for applying makeup.

One of the key tips that can help beginners to the smokey eye makeup is to use eyeshadow primer. Primer helps to make your eyes and eyelids appear well-defined. Therefore, it is an important part of every beginner’s kit. In fact, you would find many professionals that recommend that beginners to the makeup must start with a primer before applying eyeshadow. This is because primer helps your eyes to form a proper shape.

Yet another easy step that will help beginners to the smokey eye makeup is to apply eye make up in layers. For instance, if you have three layers of eye make up, you should apply a layer of foundation before applying the makeup on your eyelids. This easy step is an important component of every beginner’s kit.

Finally, you should also apply mascara before applying eye shadow. However, when using mascara, you can use upward strokes or a semi-circular motion. If you are using eyeliner pencil, you should apply light strokes under the eye to define your upper lash line. After that, you can apply a second coat of mascara to create a smudge-proof application.