EASIEST Winged Eyeliner Tutorial

One,two, three, funky! Hey ! bon retour sur ma chaîne. Même si il y a beaucoup de tutoriels pour faire son trait d’eyliner j’ai décidé de faire le mien in-depth version and En espérant que que ça vous aide alors si vous êtes intéressé, allons-y et commençons. Okay, alors pour ce tutoriel, je vais utiliser le beauty wise eyeliner, et je vous conseille fortement d’en avoir un de ce style.

C’est juste comme un feutre, il a un côté fin et un autre plus épais, qui te donne un contrôle complet dont tu as besoins pour faire ton trait de liner. Très bien maintenant avant de commencer sois sûre de comprendre comment tu devrais tenir le liner C’est à ça que ça ressemble quand tu le fait directement sur ton œil So you can see that line looks straight sure, but it looks too thick and it doesn’t have that nice sharp edge that you should have. So if I were to let’s say if I were to do it like this. It just doesn’t look up to standard. You see that bulbous end, that’s what’s going to happen when you’re painting head-on now. Look at the difference when you hold it at an angle. Take a pen, angle It like this. Like that, you see that? It’s not laying on my skin, but it’s kind of like hovering at that angle. And I press it down Vous voyez ? Vous voyez à quoi ça ressemble c’est beaucoup mieux.

C’est plus fin, it tapers better, et ça ne ressemble pas à ça. So if you are making the mistake of holding the pen like this. And you’re wondering why no matter how steady you do it it still looks like that because you’re putting it head-on. Alright, so the first thing you want to do is draw your primary line. Now your line is basically a guide on what angle your wing is going to be at. So, there’s really two standard ways to do it. Although there’s many other ways, but these are the two standards. And these two standards can either go for style purposes or to accommodate to hooded eyes or non hooded eyes and the first way is going straight across to like a straight wing.

And the second way is to do a curved-up wing. I’m just going to do that curve up wing let’s go ahead and get started So when you’re doing this go ahead and angle your pen going this way and draw your first line Towards your brow. Like that, now the trick to getting both of your eyes even and the same is by doing each step at the same time. So we do one step, you do the other step on the other. And that’s going to Be a lot easier to copy then to do one full eye and then try to give the exact same thing again So let’s go ahead and do the other eye so again you’re gonna to start here You could also start here, so if you’re going to start up here if that’s easier for you.

You want to do it this angle here. If you’re going to start at this angle you need to start at this angle here so angling the pen and I’m literally just gonna go up and Light handedly as well because you want that spiky tip so if you go too hard with it It’s going to look really bad, so just go lightly and go up. Alright so the next step is to draw the slope. The slope line is basically going to bring it together into a triangle alright. So when you draw the slope line you don’t want to start right directly at the tip of that line because then your eyeliner is going to look very like thick and round and awkward.

You’re gonna have to start lower than that line, so I would say roughly about right here Okay, you see that so I didn’t do it at the tip. I just did it right below that tip here K, you’re gonna start here, and you’re gonna go down Okay So basically that literally went down and let the pen do it’s thing You’re starting not at the tip But below that tip. And you’re literally going to just drag it down. And with this I’m putting a lot of force that way that line just go in direction. So now you’re going to follow this line to start there and drag. And if you have wrinkly eyelid go ahead and pull it just a little bit and do it like that. So I’m doing it at an angle. I’m not doing this I’m not pointing it too flat up putting it at this nice fair Angle and I’m dragging it like this and when you get to the inner corners you want that to be thinner, so Okay, let me zoom in a little bit so that way you guys can see what I’m talking about.

So you see that I let the line be the same size up to here. And then from this point on we’re going to go thinner with it So what you do is you take your pen or your eyeliner. And you angle it this way, so take it from Straight angle it this way And you’re going to fill in not the top of the skin, but the inside piece right here See that? Not the top because if you do the top it’s going to be too thick, so you want to do the inside piece So again angle your pen and Right here, you see that that inside skin. It’s not on top of the skin Like that see [all] [right]? So you basically got all of that through and then just fill it in on this part of your eye lay it flat like this and just Go at your lash line to make sure that’s all black and you’re going to do it in small little section like this And then fill it in on this side all right, and We are done So thank you guys so much for watching.

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