Diy: Quick, Inexpensive Makeup Palettes

I tend to prefer Bare Esenctuals however for their blush & eyeshadow colors, they are very beautiful and perform so well. Truly, there are many reasons to focus our attention on eye cosmetics. Take advantage of roadside produce and farmer’s markets.
Our eyes are our most magnetic feature, it’s the first thing that people notice about us and we can really work to emphasize our most important feature, through the use of eye colors that come in a never ending selection of shades. From iridescent ant naturals to a seductively smoky evening look the options are endless when it comes to helping your eyes look their brightest and most captivating. The following article looks at some basic tips and techniques to working with eye shadow.

Foundation: If you want a drugstore foundation Maybelline 24 Hour Stay Liquid Foundation is a great product. If you want higher end use eyeshadows for beginners Mac Satin Finish Liquid Foundation. You do not NEED a foundation brush, but it will definitely help.

A foundation: Always choose the correct tone of your complexion! Many choose their foundation a bit darker than their skin tone because they mistakenly believe that the color gives them good looks. This is WRONG! A foundation too dark mark your features and makes a nasty boundary between the face and neck. Not to mention the effect “duck” . Not sure about the color of foundation that would suit you? Visit our directory “a perfect foundation” !

Now you’re ready to play and have some fun. Starting with the eyes, begin to step by step, starting from the inside corner of your eye and blending it outwards. If you want to add some highlighting effects, apply a shimmering shade just beneath your eyebrow arch and blend it in.

Waterproof eyeliners. You can’t beat Sephora’s Flashy Liner Waterproof. These liners come in ten eyeshadows step by step bold colors with fantastic staying power. From the deepest, darkest black to shimmering white, these eyeliners survive a sweaty workout and never-ending workdays wrought with emotion.

If we wear a full face of make-up or are having just a lipstick day, it is crucial that we wear make-up in the colours which suit our colourings. We need to consider our hair colour, eye colour and skin tone.

All in all these turned out to be a very good buy and not the Wet N’ Wild quality of the 80’s. I almost did not purchase them because the reputation that this line had earned in the past as being cheap. I feel I got my money worth from them and do plan on buying two of the other palettes to use them for their M.A.C. dupes.
If your skin color is warm, go for a pale gold highlighter or a shimmery warm beige or very pale shimmery peach. Read the rest of this article to find the tips you need to start your beauty routine on the right foot.
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