Cut Crease Eye Makeup Tutorial | Julia Dantas | CBC Life

Hello guys It’s Julia Dantas and I’m here with CBC Life to bring to you this bomb, prom makeup tutorial because of course I want you to look your absolute best this prom season If you guys want to see how I got this makeup look, then please keep on watching So I’m starting off with a primer and it’s really important to use a primer when you have a big event because this is really going to ensure that your makeup is going to really stay on your skin Next, I’m going into a full coverage foundation.

I’m using the Makeup Forever Ultra HD stick foundation And I want to give it the most flawless effect possible so I’m going in with a tiny buffing brush and really just buffing this into my skin so my skin looks flawless Next for concealer I’m using my Pro Concealer and I’m highlighting underneath my eyes but I like to balance that out by highlighting my forehead and on the bridge of my nose and on my chin And this is going to look great when I start adding my bronzer because it’s going to be really nice contrast so I’m going to look much more chiseled And whenever you use cream products you always want to remember to set it with powder so I’m just grabbing some translucent powder and sticking underneath my eyes For bronzer today I’m using my NARS bronzer, and I like to do a 3 shape, so I do top of my forehead, underneath my cheekbones and then my jaw, and this is really going to give us that chiselled defined look.

I’m grabbing my Make Up Forever Ultra HD blush and I’m just putting it on the apples of my cheeks to give it some colour So for my eyes I’m going to do a really cool, dramatic cut crease and I’m sticking to neutral tones so that you can pair this with pretty much any colour scheme you are wearing So I’m starting out with a pretty light brown shade and this really just going to warm up the crease, and then building into the darker browns And I’m just following the crease and the shape of my eye and then just flicking it outwards at the very end And then I’m grabbing a darker brown and sticking that right in the crease and then going back in with a clean blending brush and then just blending that out I’m really taking my time with this blending to make sure it has a perfect gradient And then I’m going to grab some concealer and I’m just cleaning up the underneath of that crease so that it’s really sharp, crisp and defined So of course we need some bling, bling to complete this eye look so I’m using my Makeup Forever starlet liquid in the shade 03.

And I’m finishing off my eyes with a dramatic wing I’m going to do a pretty neutrual lip so I can keep all the focus on my eyes so I’m grabbing a liquid lipstick this is by Colour Pop in the shade Midi and this is going to be great because it’s going to last you all night long But then I feel like it needs a little bit of gloss on top so I’m pairing that with a Mac lip gloss to complete this look.