Brown Eye Makeup Shades For Cool Summer Eyes

Brown eye makeup for autumn gives you the power to look gorgeous and sexy. This season you can wear these eye makeup tips. So follow them closely.

brown eye makeup

Brown eye makeup is generally used to enhance dark circles, sharpen and brighten the eyes and bring out their beauty. To get that gorgeous glow, apply eye shimmer on your upper lid. To achieve a natural look, apply eye shadow two shades below the lower lash line and blend well. For inspiring earthy smoky eye look, have applied the following makeup items and tools: a bronzer base, eyeliner and a shimmery powder to end with a brush to blur the eye area. Now put your eyelashes onto a thick brush and start brushing from the inner corner of the eye to the outer edge.

If you want to look stunning with a dark brown eye shadow, start applying a thin line of dark brown under your lower lashes. Brush in a gentle upward motion. Use an eyeliner pencil to add accent color to the lower lash line. Then take a pencil and draw some dark brown lines inside the eye. These dark brown lines will give you a fabulous natural look.

Brown eyes can be enhanced with beautiful brownish bronze, gold tones and deep brown shades. To get that gorgeous autumn look, apply eye shadow on your upper lid and blend it inwards till it reaches your crease. Then use a gold tone brush and sweep a very thin line of gold shade at the outer edge of your eye. This will bring out the golden browns of your eyes and make you look stunning.

There are several eye makeup looks that you can try to enhance the beauty of your eyes. If you have a thinner lash line, add a bit more drama to it by curling your lashes. For a daytime look, use a dark smoky gray eye shadow at the lash line, and then fill in using black eyeliner. Curl your lashes once more to make the look slightly darker.

The next step in your eye makeup tutorial is to put on false eyelashes. There are various steps involved in applying false eyelashes like putting on the false eyelashes, curling them and putting them in place. For a daytime look, take a false eyelash kit and purchase two tiny gel eyeliners. Put one eyelash at the base of each eye and one eyelash at the top. This will give you the illusion of long beautiful lashes.

The last step in your eye look is to apply a smokey eye makeup. Smokey eyes are best for evening and casual occasions because they are dramatic but also glamorous. To achieve a smokey eyes, apply a brown shimmer foundation to your entire face and then blend some light colored eye shadow into the foundation. Finish your smokey eye look with a bright colored mascara.

Eye makeup tutorials always make it seem easy but really it is not. Learn all the steps and tips so you will know exactly what you need to do. Brown eyes are not hard to come by. Start learning now and become that glamorous brown-eyed woman everyone is going crazy over. Be patient and take your time so you will get the gorgeous brown eyes you have always dreamed of!

Do not be afraid to experiment. If the brown-eyed product you have selected does not look as good on you as it did on the sample, then change to a new brand. This is just to keep you in the game. Makeup looks different on different people and even skin tones. Find the perfect product for your own skin tone and your eye color.

Try on as many different brown eye makeup shades as possible. Brown eyes are known to be very dramatic so you should try to find as many different eye makeup looks as you can. You should be able to find shades that will enhance your natural beauty. Also, try to find different shades that will show off your eyes when you are wearing your makeup.

Brown-eyed women should try Instinctive Color Intrigue. It has a cute, natural look to it that can really bring out your eyes. It has a gold-eye shadow in a brown shade, blue eyeshadow, green eye makeup powder, and a brown base with a matte cut crease. This makeup look is not only gorgeous on brown eyes; it also works great on pinks, purples, and blues! If you try this product, you will love your new eye makeup look.