Best Red Lipstick Shades for Olive Skin Tones | Max Factor Make-Up Tutorial

[MUSIC PLAYING] Sometimes there isn’t just one perfect red. The choice of red depends on your personal taste, your skin tone, and just basically what makes you feel great and happy when you put it on. So what kind of colors of red do you like to wear? I’ve got quite unique coloring in that I’m quite dark, olive-skinned with dark hair, but kind of blue-green eyes. I personally feel that the kind of– what do you call this pit? The Cupid’s– The Cupid’s bow. It’s not very defined.

It’s quite flat, but I just tend to go for what I like. So you will suit generally more colors that have got oranges or corals or gold in it. So take a little bit of your foundation over your lips. Now what this does is it kind of neutralizes your lips. It takes all the pigment out, and that enables me and yourself just to see your lip shape beautifully. So I’m going to use Max Factor’s Brown Nude liner. So I’m just going to push this lip line in a rounded fashion over your Cupid’s bow.

I don’t like sharp Cupid’s bows. I think they look a little bit mean and angry and actually make your lips look a lot smaller than they are. OK. So this is our color that we’re going to use, and it’s Sunset Red. And just stretch your lips for me. Thank you. So I’m just working the color right from the interior of the mouth and bringing it around. And it’s much more modern if a color comes from the internal part of the mouth and comes out. It’s just a little bit more sexy. It’s got a real beautiful pop. My gosh, your eyes have really reacted to this color. Another little trick is get a little bit of powder and a flat brush, and just go underneath that line. And that really gives a lovely highlight and sharp finish to the lip and, again, acts like a little bridge between the pigment and your skin to stop feathering. And if you’ve got a slightly thinner top lip, you can always add a little bit of balm or just a little bit of gloss just over this Cupid’s bow here to enhance the shape.

Lovely. So we’re using orange-based lipstick, because it’s really flattering on warmer skin tones. I just love the effect that it has on your eyes. Yeah, very much so. It made them so much brighter. You just kind of exude confidence. I think it’s beautiful. If you’ve got a great red lip tip, please share and post below. Check out our other tutorials, and make glamour happen for you..