Best colors for people with COOL skin tone

Have you ever notice when a person looks vibrant and full of energy in their apparel And some may look a bit bland and dull in the clothes they wear? Color plays a big role in styling. When a person wears complementing colors that best suits them, it can enhance their best features and will likely make a good impression. On the other hand, if the person wears colors that clashes with their skin tone, it may make them look tired, look dull and maybe seems washed-out. Hi it’s Vivien from Freedom In Style. When I first start developing my own fashion style, I did a lot of experiment to find out what colors compliments me the best. In this video I’ll be sharing with you some tips on how to choose the most complementing colors for people with the cool skin tone. There are Celebrities, CEOs and many famous people who work with a stylist to develop their personal image as a brand. The image could be an authority figure with power someone who wants to enhance their looks or maybe someone who wants to look extra glamorous for a special evening.

It really comes down what kind of image you want to present. Picking complementing colors that suits your skin tone can enhance your look and make you look polished. If you have cool skin tone, the veins on your arm will look more bluish or purple. Your skin undertone is cool with bluish or pinkish tint. You may burn easily under the sun and your skin tends to turn pinkish after exposure to the sun for certain periods of time. Your eye color will likely to be blue, grey, or green. Your hair color can range from light blonde to light brown to dark brown to bluish black with platinum tones. Your seasonal color analysis will be either a cool summer or cool winter. For cool skin tone, silver jewelry will look best on you. When it comes to styling, you can find colors that enhance your best features such as your eyes, your hair, and can balance the overall look of your style. For cool skin tones, it’s best to pick colors with some cool tint. Some of the suggested colors would be: Rosy pink Bright rosy red Ruby red Lavendar Deep purple Ice blue Bright blue Navy blue Emerald green Cool gray The colors that will clash with the cool skin tone would be anything with a tint of yellow in them.

Here are some color examples Coral pink Peachy pink Tomato red Orangy red Bright yellow Orange Copper Gold To make it easier for you to find your colors, you can refer to celebrities with the cool skin tone for apparel ideas. Some of the cool skin tone celebrities include: Jennifer Aniston Reese Witherspoon Sarah Jessica Parker Anne Hathaway Lucy Liu Next time you shop for clothes and accessories, you can refer to the color suggestions along with the cool skint one celebrities that were mentioned in this video and when you wear complementing colors that best suits you you will look polished with style I hope this video was helpful for you to find your colors.