Apply False Eyelashes For Fuller, Longer Lashes And Larger Eyes

You can create a lot of different looks from here. When it’s about evening makeup looks, it’s all about your eyes. Be aware that heavy mascara causes spider legs lashes. Top names from show business show up to get these fixed.

Want to look like a breath of fresh, summer air? This summer is all about looking natural while spicing things up with bright colours and glossy lips. Here are six makeup tips to help you look effortlessly flawless for the summer.

Clean your false lashes before placing them back into their packaging. Place them on a clean surface such as your bathroom counter and add a few drops of water. A few minutes of water soaking can help remove the glue and dirt from your worn lashes. This will ultimately help extend their life.

A good quality make up remover that is specially designed for use on eye make up is the safest route to protect your eyes and your sight. It will help you gently remove the falsies without damage to your natural lashes.

As I’ve already stated, in order to master the art of applying eyelashes, you must practice. If you’re lucky and gifted you might get the hang of it right away. If you’re anything like I was, you are probably going to ruin a few pairs of eyelashes before you get the technique down. For a beginner, I recommend buying a bunch of very cheap eyelashes to practice with. Look for clearance sales, or cheaper drug store brands and stock up. You don’t want to mess up an expensive pair of eyelashes on your first application.

Even if you are planning on wearing a Lady Gaga inspired mask to compliment your costume, eye makeup is especially important to get her famous look. The primary focal point of Lady Gaga’s eyes are her lashes. She achieves these larger and fuller than life looks with Pick your favorite style, and apply them as closely to your natural lashes as possible before doing the rest of your eye makeup. Once the lash adhesive is set, take a page from Lady Gaga’s book and apply your eye makeup to compliment your costume of choice. Don’t leave out the metallic shadows and make sure to add plenty of sparkle.

Water Proof It- When applying prom makeup, be sure to use waterproof. Often for prom clients, I will use waterproof makeup because of its unique properties that keep makeup from rubbing off or running. This makeup does not run or smudge when in contact with sweat, water or just long wear. Waterproof makeup is made with dimethicone copolyol which is the waterproof version of the same oil that is made by your body to stick to skin and hair. Your prom makeup will last much longer if you use waterproof makeup.

I like the look of my natural lashes. Is there anything I can use to enhance them without applying a traditional mascara? Max Factor No Color Mascara works perfectly to amplify lashes while maintaining a natural look. The lightweight gel formula goes on smooth, providing sheer coverage. This mascara can be used to keep eyebrows in place, too! Less than $6 at most drugstores.
The solution has been clinically proven to grow lashes longer and thicker and the system is safe to use. This could even be done with black brown mascara for fair skinned people! Skin should look fresh and natural with a flawless finish.
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