5 Eye Makeup Step by Step Ideas

eye makeup step by step

5 Eye Makeup Step by Step Ideas

Eye makeup is the finishing touch to any woman’s outfit and makeup. The eye shadow comes in many colors to choose from. Some are available as singles, some in a palette that has several colors or an as a set. A woman can be as creative as she wants when it comes to applying her eye makeup. Some women are more skilled than others and can create amazing effects with eye shadow and eyeliner, even if they only follow the steps to create this eye makeup.

The first step to creating a smoky eye is to use black eyeliner. The lightest color should be applied to the innermost edge of the eye, on the bottom lashes only. Black mascara should be used to put mascara on, not to draw the eye. Any visible eyelashes should be removed using tweezers.

The next eye makeup step is to apply a brow brush to create a natural-looking arch on the brow bone. This arch should be slight, so that the eye shadow will appear natural. When applying the shadow on the brow bone, the lightest color should be at the top of the arch.

After the brow brush has been used to draw the arch, a second black eye pencil should be applied to the upper part of the eyebrow. Using a pink colored eye pencil, the darker color should be blended into the pink. This is the foundation of the eye makeup and it helps define the shape of the eyebrows. A narrow thin line of mascara should be applied to the lower lash line. Any outer fringe of the lashes should also be highlighted.

The next step in the eye makeup step by step series is to apply a bit of glitter to the eyelids to create a smokey look. A tiny bit of shimmer can be blended into the eyelid and blended well. A small dot of shimmer can be added to any corner that is defined. To make the smokey look more dramatic, we can add some glitter eye makeup to the tips of the lashes and blend these well.

For our third step, we are going to use a shimmery black eyeshadow to add a striking effect to our eyes. To get an electrifying blue look, we can start by applying a very thin layer of eye makeup to the lower lash line. Next, we will apply a second coat to define the shape of the eye. A dark, shimmery blue can be applied to the top part of the eyelid and blended upward. This look can be further highlighted by a few thin lines of animal print eye makeup.

As for our fifth and last step, we are going to apply a line of beautiful thick eyelash mascara. For this, we are going to use a black eye pencil. Draw an eyelash line just above and along the length of the lashes. Apply mascara in a thin line. Use a light finger to spread the mascara lightly over the entire eyelash. Our pretty animal print eyelashes are going to stand out with this beautiful eye makeup touch.

These five attractive eye makeup looks are great eye makeup ideas to give your eyes a whole new look. When you do this, you are going to have a stunning appearance. You will have gorgeous eyes that everyone will notice. You can have long lasting, sparkly eyes with these eye makeup tips.

Also, applying black eyeliner to your eyes is another excellent step for enhancing the five distinct eye shapes. For this, you are going to need a black eyeliner pencil and a clean white cotton ball. Apply a generous amount of black liner to the uppermost eyelid and blend the lines upward towards the outer edge of the eye. Do the same thing to the lower lash line.

The final of the five attractive eye makeup ideas is to apply eye shadow to the entire lid area. For this, you are going to need a small eye shadow brush and a bit of shimmery mineral makeup. Using a slightly darker shade for the brow bone and a lighter shade for the eyelids and outside corner, apply the shimmer makeup on the lid area. Blend the mineral makeup into the skin on the eyelid and out toward the outer edge of the eye. This dramatic eye shadow look is also effective for accentuating the eye liners.

The fifth eye makeup step that you should learn when it comes to applying makeup to the eyes is to add some volumizing mascara to your lashes. You can either buy mousse to put on your lashes or you can use a good mascara pencil. Start by putting the mascara on the water-resistant mascara brush and running a slightly damp brush over the lashes. Continue moving the brush in a sweeping motion until the mascara is completely wet. Once the mascara is completely wet, you are able to use your mascara to add some extra volume and curl to your lashes. If you do not want your eyelashes to be heavy, you may also use an eye lash primer before applying the mascara to prevent clumping.